Congregational Revitalization Program

In the midst of challenging times in our church (and all churches), there is hope!

Canada East and Canada West mission centres have immediate funding to hire a team of

four Revitalization Ministers

What Will They Do?

  • If your congregation wants to grow, you can apply to be part of the Congregational Revitalization Program.
  • The objective will be to refocus every aspect of your congregation's life and programs on Invitation and Hospitality, in order to invite others in and to make the congregation grow.
  • The Revitalization Ministries team will work with willing participants in your congregation to prepare them to be (a) comfortable in relational ministry, and (b) to be confident and competent in drawing others into congregational programs.
  • To provide this hands-on guidance and preparation, a Revitalization Minister (RM) will actually live within your congregation for three specific periods of time over the course of one year. (By rotating schedules, this will allow the RM to work with two separate congregations each year – the details of the rotation and timeframes will be determined with the participating congregations.
  • Each Revitalization Ministries team will also include a Congregational Support Minister (CSM) who will be an ongoing mentor and resource person for the congregation in the initial year and for the years beyond.

How Can We Be Part of This Program?

  • This program will be launched in January 2016 and will continue for a period of 5 years.
  • From now until the launch, we will be hiring and training Revitalization Ministers. If you are interested in one of these contract full-time positions, download the position description and application [PDF 72.1Kb], which is also available on the World Church website(external link).
  • Every CEM and CWM Pastor has received information about the Congregational Revitalization Program: a brief survey questionnaire to help the program leadership determine which congregations would qualify; a basic outline of what would be expected from congregations selected to participate, and information about how your congregation can apply.
  • A congregation will need to commit collectively and participating members will commit to engage in personal preparations, and be willing to allot energy and time to focus on Invitational ministries.
  • The congregation participants will be included in the creative design of relevant activities, as we recognize every congregation is unique with diverse opportunities. We have a template, but together we will work out the specifics.

Let's Work Together

Together we will create new expressions of fellowship in the places that are safe, relevant and familiar in the lives of the unchurched or non-attending. Community of Christ being people not buildings, even a sacred fellowship, will present in multiple ways our creativity to relate to people where they are. We have the opportunity to embark on an inspiring adventure if you are willing.

Catch the vision!

For further information contact Kerry Richards: Email Kerry or 416-917-9377


  • Revitalizing Your Congregation Survey (docx [27.0Kb] or pdf [146.1Kb])
  • Congregation Revitalization Minister Position Description (pdf [72.1Kb])