Encounter World Religions Centre


Encounter World Religions is an educational organization whose mission is to provide educational, cultural and spiritual encounters with the world's religions. Administrative support for Encounter World Religions Centre, including tax-exempt charitable contributions, is provided by Canada East Mission and Community of Christ, which offers this support without conditions: it honours the Centre's purposes, objectives and its firm commitment to not proselytizing on behalf of any faith or world view.

Encounter's founder, JW Windland, was a life-long student of world religions and a gifted teacher of what he learned. In the more than thirty-five years that JW invested in the study, teaching and experiencing of world religions, he developed genuine friendships with their leaders and teachers who continue to honour JW by welcoming Encounter's students and readily sharing their centuries-old wisdom and profound spiritual experiences.

You can find more information about Encounter and its programs at the Encounter World Religions website(external link)