Community of Christ "We All Can Help" Program

Community of Christ Members, Family & Friends

To support the Church’s current world-wide Mission Initiatives, each of us has a unique opportunity through to generate additional funds for the church above and beyond our regular Disciple's Generous Response. How? Just by doing what we're already doing – buying great products from!

The Amazon button at the bottom left of this page is your entry link to the literally 1 million+ product offerings and brand names made available to "us" online from Even if you have shopped Amazon before from their website, to support the church you would now link to Amazon through our button on this church website to start your search, browse and purchase process. It’s that simple. It is still the same familiar Amazon after you link to them, but your identification through the church is only valid through our link.

Once connected through this church website to Amazon, you will find virtually unlimited product categories for the name brands and product selections you typically purchase in grocery, pharmacy, clothing, footwear, electronics, hardware, sports, and gift retail stores. We don't encourage anyone purchasing anything they don't need or cannot afford, we just want all of us to take advantage of all the purchases that we are already going to make but now through

Thank you for your ongoing, hopefully weekly loyalty in supporting our "We All Can Help" program through Watch for additional information flyers on your congregational bulletin boards.

For further information, please don't hesitate to contact Kerry Richards, “We All Can Help” Project Coordinator Click to email kerry or 416-917-9377.


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