What We Do

Our Calling

When we are at our best, we live up to our name, Community of Christ, and our vision to "create communities of joy, love, hope and peace."

Community Building

The congregation is where it happens. Each congregation has its own mix of activities and programs – worship, church school, youth programs, seniors' groups, women's groups – that fit its members' needs and resources. At their best, our congregations are positive and lively places, encouraging and inspiring us to expand our calling and understanding, supportive and safe havens when we are hurt, tired and discouraged by life.

The mission centres support congregations, offer leadership and skills development, and host programs and activities for the many people who are connected to the church but are not an active part of a local congregation. The congregations in the mission centres are woven into a thick web of connections between people who have family ties, or grew up together, went to camps together, shared in leadership projects together or simply used to be in the same congregation. For many of us, our closest life-long friendships are among our extended church family.

Being a world-wide church broadens our perspective beyond the problems of comfortable middle class life in the affluence and freedoms of North America. Whether it's attending World Conference, Spectacular, being engaged in Peace and Justice programs, or simply visiting a congregation on a Sunday morning while travelling far away from home, we can readily experience the joy and support of being connected through personal friendship and common cause.

Peace and Justice

Community of Christ is on a journey to becoming a peace church. Not just lots of happy talk about "peace and love for all," but being a church willing to struggle with the deep-seated fear, ignorance and poverty that lie at the root of so much injustice in our world. And willing to struggle with our own internal issues, such as diversity and inclusiveness in our membership, priesthood and leadership.

Service to our communities is a fundamental expression of our faith journey. Like good people everywhere, our members are in the forefront of hundreds of organizations that work to alleviate disease, disadvantage and suffering in all its many forms. Many members and congregations across Canada give tangible voice to their compassion for the world's poor through their support for World Accord, a Canadian international development agency.

In our multi-cultural society, Encounter World Religions offers a unique peace-making ministry. By learning and experiencing the world's religions, we replace fear with understanding and break down walls of ignorance between us and our neighbours, co-workers and classmates.