Website FAQ

NOTE: Not all sections of the website are completed – some documents and other information is still being transferred from the other website.

Welcome to the Website Frequently Asked Questions page. The questions are listed below – to see the answer for a specific question, just use your mouse to click on the text of the question and it will open up to show the answer. If you'd like to read down through all of the answers without clicking on a specific one, just click on the Show All Answers button below.

The questions are organized into three main sections:

  • General Questions – the rationale for the new site
  • New website features – new things you can see and do
  • Information for Congregations – questions congregations may have about how to get started with the new website

General Questions

1.1 Why did we need a new website?
1.2 What is a Content Management System and what does it do?
1.3 What Content Management System are we using?
1.4 Never heard of it – does anyone else use it?
1.5 How big is the website?

New Website Features

2.1 Shortcuts to go directly to a page I want
2.2 Every Pastor has an email...
2.3 Spam Email Protection

Information for Congregations

3.1 How does my congregation change our page?