Canada West Directory

[staff/ArtSmith.jpg] Canadian Field Apostle
Art Smith
1001 West Walnut
Independence, MO 64050

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800-825-2806 ext. 3059
Fax: 816-521-3099
[staff/StephenThompson.jpg] Mission Centre President and Financial Officer
Stephen Thompson

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1-877-411-2632 ext 1
[staff/DebraDonohue.jpg] Communications Coordinator CWM
Congregational Outreach Specialist BC
Debra Donohue
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877-411-2632 ext 4
[staff/LisaNeudorf.jpg] Camping and Retreat Specialist
Hills of Peace
Lisa Neudorf
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877-411-2632 ext 5
[staff/ParkerJohnson.jpg] Church Mission & Young Adult Specialist
Parker Johnson
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877-411-2632 ext 3
[staff/WayneStanton.jpg] Pastor Support Coordinator
Wayne Stanton
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[staff/SandyWoynarksi.jpg] Mission Recorder
Sandy Woynarski
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[staff/AnitaBates.jpg] Canada West Mission Historian
Anita Bates
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[staff/JohnGlaser.png] Field Missionary Coordinator
President of Seventy
John Glaser
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[staff/DarShepherdson.jpg] Bishop of Canada
Dar Shepherdson

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519-822-4150 or
888-411-7537 ext 34
[staff/placeholder-headshot.jpg] Hills of Peace Campground Rentals
Jae Senga
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[staff/KenBarrows.jpg] Mission Funding Specialist
Ken Barrows
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Cell: (613) 246-3566