CEM Disciple Formation Team - Blog Reviews

Below are a list of blogs that the DFT believes are worthwhile in following. A big thank you to Marion Smith for putting this list together. Hopefully we have help grow this list in the very near future. Blogs are listed in alphabetical order by URL.

  • A Church for Starving Artists Jan Edmiston works at the Presbytery level of her denomination in Chicago (equivalent to our Mission Centre). She was a long-time pastor in Washington D.C. and followed her pastor husband when he took a new call in Chicago. Her insights into issues and questions pastors, priesthood, ministers, church leadership and other interested folk are amazingly relevant and helpful. I try never to miss her blogs.

  • Adam J Copeland This young man, under thirty I believe, was ordained Presbyterian and served as a pastor in Scotland and in North Dakota is now working in Fargo ND in a young adult Lutheran ministry. His insights are very helpful if you are trying to get to know your younger members and if you want to see how a youthful pastor uses social media and out-of-the box thinking to reach his spiritually hungry constituency. I’ve learned much from him.

  • Christian Century I have often recommended books by Carol Howard Merritt (Tribal Church and Reframing Hope) who also offers essays to several current blog sites. Her column lives with Christian Century just now. You can find other excellent Christian writers there as well. Carol’s ideas on current trends, pastoring younger members and modern methods are always intriguing.

  • Kara Root Kara Root is a young Presbyterian pastor. She has also contributed to the Working Preacher’s resource list. Her sermons are like poetry. She is a gifted theological thinker who can translate some of the toughest questions into lovely, clear and poetic sermons. Her postings are not as frequent but are worth waiting for.

  • Ramblings of a Jesus Freak Ramona posts her occasional brilliant sermons here. Another lectionary preacher whose word pictures and theological insight into the scripture are brilliant.

  • Reflectionary This is Martha Spong, known to her blog community as Songbird. She is a UCC pastor in Maine who writes a regular blog. I try not to miss her on Sunday evening or Monday morning when she is most likely to post her Sunday sermon. She mostly follows the lectionary, but she is also very connected to what’s happening in the world and in her small community. I like the way she makes those links in her sermons. She has a lovely way of telling the story in a most relevant way. (She often recommends good books to read as well; check out the sidebar of her blog.)

  • Rev. Gal Blog Pals I try not to miss this site on Tuesday. Every week this group of Protestant pastors begins to chat amongst themselves on the lectionary texts for the coming week. There will be links and advice for those preparing to preach, and good information for any person trying to stay on top of their scripture study. Then on Saturday you can follow a community of professional preachers as they compare notes about how this Sunday’s sermon is coming, and several links to actual current sermons as they post to their own or their congregation’s website. This is a great source of this sort of information if you’re looking.

  • Stone of Witness If you’re looking for a Justice-message, you may just find it here. “Mutha” is a semi-retired Episcopalian priest who is never shy about calling out injustice and pointing her excellent scripture knowledge at current political and social issues.

  • Working Preacher is loaded with good information. I usually begin with Preaching the Week for a collection of short essays about the lectionary texts. Check out the other tabs as well for some good stuff, such as Kara Root’s essay on preaching in Advent here.