CEM Disciple Formation Team

The Disciple Formation Team (or DFT) has been put together to serve as a resource group, servicing all congregations in the Canada East Mission. The DFT consists of the following individuals:

  • Blogger/Webmeister: James Clark

    James has been working in the online space for a number of years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his day job as Project Manager, Digital Assets at the Canadian Football League Head Office in Toronto. James will be responsible for being active on the internet, including following blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. James will also research relevant articles to bring to the attention of the DFT and all congregations.

  • Book Hounds: Melissa Dupuis and John Nichols

    Melanie and John will be responsible for being active readers of gospel / church leadership resources. They will endeavour to explore book stores, online resource providers and other sources to find and recommend reading and potential instructional resources for CEM members.

  • Seasons / Disciple Formation: Kelly Knight

    Kelly will be responsible for becoming familiar with church resources, Seasons of the Spirit and other "Christian Education" resources.

  • CPI / Leadership Development: Marilyn Graham and Doug Bolger (Chairman of the DFT)

    The CPI Coordinator will be a part of this team and will bring leadership to the Commission. Marilyn and Doug will assist in the development and implementation of a new generation of CPI Programming which will seek to make the training and resources of the CPI experience available to a broader range of candidates in the CEM. There will also be coordination, exploration and development of other educational opportunities within the CEM, such as Temple School, MEADS and Master of Divinity courses.


The goal of the DFT is to be a place for anyone to get great resources to share with others. We have a few resources below, with more to come soon. Click on the links to be taken to the specific resource page you are interested in:



Other Resources