Next offering at the CANADA EAST CAMPUS – Nov 20-24, 2017 (see below)

(At Kitchener Community of Christ, 414 Fischer-Hallman Rd., Kitchener, ON)

Register with Douglas Bolger, Coordinator & Registrar Email Doug by Nov 3, 2017. (Download registration form (PDF) [PDF 470.1Kb] or registration form (MSWord doc) [DOC 42.0Kb])

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MEADS Opportunities

  • This exciting curriculum is open to anyone interested in ministerial and discipleship development and
    now has two options for study:

    1. Enroll in the full 12-course certificate program that seeks to empower participants for ministry,


    2. Enroll in individual classes on a particular subject of interest without committing to the full 12-course program.
  • Register for one class per session for $88 (+HST) or two classes per session for $175 (+HST).

  • You may audit a class for $50 (+HST). You will receive the same syllabus and printed materials, you may participate in all class discussions and activities as you are comfortable doing so, but you will not submit required assignments.

  • A syllabus for each course is posted on the World Church website and
    also provided upon registration.

  • Registrants must cover their own travel, accommodation, food costs, etc. We are in the process of identifying homes where MEADS candidates can be billeted.


CEM MEADS – Nov 20-24, 2017

(Please register before Nov 3, 2017)

  • Community of Christ Scriptures – Dale Luffman

    A major task before the church is to develop a liberative understanding of scripture understood in relationship to its central content and functioning in the community of faith. As an irreplaceable and unique witness, scripture witnesses to the liberating and reconciling activity of God in the history of Israel and supremely in Jesus Christ. This course will explore the significance of Community of Christ scriptures for ministry and witness in light of Doctrine and Covenants 163:7 and the official statement Scripture in the Community of Christ.

  • Community of Christ Theology – Tony and Charmaine Chvala-Smith

    This course examines the relationship of the emerging Community of Christ identity and theology to its roots in Christian tradition, the early Latter Day Saint movement, and the Reorganization. Special attention will be paid to the dynamics that have reshaped Community of Christ’s beliefs and practices in the last five decades. Among these are the church becoming a global community, its adoption of modern historical methods, involvement in ecumenical and interfaith movements, and its critical assessment of its theology. Participants will be encouraged to consider how they can meaningfully express the faith, identity, and mission of the church in their ministry today.


For registration and further information, contact
Douglas Bolger, Coordinator & Registrar

Email Doug
Registration Form (PDF) [PDF 470.1Kb]
Registration Form (MSWord doc) [DOC 42.0Kb]

  • PLEASE NOTE: We are encouraging congregations to establish Leadership funds in their congregational budgets under the "Developing Disciples to Serve" initiative to support those wishing to enroll in MEADS.