CEM Leadership Development

A critical part of the support that the Mission Centre offers to members and congregations is training leaders for congregations, camps and other kinds of specialized ministry.

Camping Program Leadership Training

The effectiveness of our extensive camping activities is very dependent on the quality and experience of the leaders. Not only do camp staff need skills in developing programs and working together in teams, but in recent years the proliferation of government regulations and insurance requirements mean that we must rely on knowledgeable leaders to ensure that the church is not inappropriately exposed to financial or legal risks.

The CEM Camping Commission, comprised of dedicated leaders from the various camping communities, runs a yearly retreat for camp directors and has prepared a Director's Handbook.



MEADS (Ministerial Educations and Discipleship Studies)

CEM continues to invest in training for pastors and others interested in developing their ministry. In conjunction with World Church, CEM is making top-level training available to many more CEM pastors by hosting MEADS sessions locally within CEM, as well as in Independence.

After two years of planning and preparation, the first MEADS sessions began in early 2015.