Canada East Mission

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The Canada East Mission Center is one of the largest mission centers in the church, including more than 45 congregations and missions and covering all of eastern Canada – more than 2,500 kms from Thunder Bay to Halifax.


The largest number of congregations and members are in southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), but wherever you are in the area there is a friendly and welcoming congregation near you. CEM has four campgrounds across Ontario, which provide excellent facilities for camps, retreats and other events.

The mission center office(external link) is in Guelph, ON and houses the CEM staff, the Bishop of Canada (responsible for financial, legal and real estate matters of the Canadian church), and the Encounter World Religions Centre(external link).


Position Posting: Canadian Public Relations and Marketing Specialist

For more details, see Canadian PR and Marketing posting(external link).


Position Postings: Waterfront Staff

Canada East Mission (CEM) is seeking the services of qualified lifeguards for youth and family camps (reunions) for the 2017 camping season. We are hiring persons to be a junior lifeguard, waterfront director and two waterfront supervisors. In addition to serving as lifeguards, each of these individuals will also serve as a staff member at the camps and reunions they attend.

For more details, see Waterfront Director posting(external link), Waterfront Supervisor posting(external link), or Junior Lifeguard posting(external link).

Deadline to submit resume and cover letter: March 27th, 2017. Please direct any questions or submit cover letter (with all contact information) and resume to: Tamara Wright at Email Tamara