Our Community

When we are at our best, we live up to our name
Community of Christ
and our mission to
create communities of joy, love, hope and peace.


Living as the Community of Christ takes place in our congregations, in our peace and justice efforts, our camping programs for all ages, youth activities, and any other place where we join with others in working to build authentic relationships with each other and with all creation.

We invite you to join us.

Congregational Living

Community of Christ congregations come in many different forms and sizes – some include families and children, some are mostly older adults, some are rural, and some are urban. Within the same congregation, some might be in "Sunday best" suit and tie or dresses, while others will be in jeans and polos, and nobody notices one way or the other. Some will have been life-long members, and others will be seekers who are only recently involved. People will come from many different walks of life, brought together by their desire to be part of a community of disciples.

Each congregation has its own mix of activities and programs – worship, church school, study groups, youth programs, seniors' groups, women's groups – that fit its local needs and resources. At their best, our congregations are positive and lively places, encouraging and inspiring us to expand our calling and understanding, and supportive and safe havens when we are hurt and tired and discouraged by life.

Peace and Justice

Community of Christ's vision, mission, scripture, hymns, and enduring principles work towards bringing God's peace and wholeness (shalom) to the world. Not just lots of happy talk about "peace and love for all." We are a church willing to struggle with the deep-seated fear, ignorance and poverty that lie at the root of so much injustice in our world. And willing to struggle with our own internal issues, such as diversity and inclusiveness in our membership, priesthood and leadership.

Community Service

Service to our communities is a fundamental expression of our faith journey. Like good people everywhere, our members are in the forefront of hundreds of organizations that work to alleviate disease, disadvantage and suffering in all its many forms – food banks, homeless shelters, community kitchens, addiction rehab, half-way houses, prison ministries, Peacemobile, Habitat for Humanity, Camp Quality, and many others.

World Accord

Many members and congregations across Canada make the mission initiative to "Abolish Poverty, End Suffering" tangible through their support for World Accord, a Canadian international development agency that works to help the poor in developing countries increase their capacity to help themselves by working together in community.

Encounter World Religions

In our multi-cultural Canadian society, Encounter World Religions offers a unique Community of Christ peace-making ministry. By learning and experiencing the world's religions, we replace fear with understanding and break down walls of ignorance between us and our neighbours, co-workers and classmates. Encounter's programs reach thousands of adults and high-school students each year.

Canadian Peace and Justice Committee

Within Community of Christ (Canada), a volunteer "Canadian Peace and Justice Committee" provides resources (www.cofchristpeacejustice.ca) and recommendations to the Mission Centres and members on issues of peace, justice and human rights.

Camping Communities

One of our best ways to build community is through our camping programs, which have been changing lives for more than 150 years. Both the Canada West and Canada East mission centers have multiple campgrounds in beautiful natural settings across the country. More than 40 camping programs for all ages are held each year at these various facilities.

Our camping programs are never about indoctrination or proselytizing – they are about discovering and experiencing the joy in meeting old and new friends, genuinely sharing in learning, laughter and fellowship, and the quiet peacefulness of feeling truly alive in a beautiful place.


Reunions (Family Camps)

In the days before modern technology made long-distance communication easy, weeklong "reunions" were a primary means for people from many different (mostly rural) congregations to get to know each other, and for the institutional church to conduct business meetings.

Today, these same week-long reunions (now often called "family camps") allow us to withdraw from our hectic schedules, and come together in a natural setting to share in classes, worship, campfires, singing, laughter and fellowship. For many in our faith community, these weeks are an oasis of peace and inspiration in their busy lives, and they look forward to this experience each summer to "recharge their batteries" for the year ahead.

Family camps are open to anyone to attend, and are a wonderful way to experience firsthand the joy, love, hope and peace that can be found as we learn to live in community.

Youth Camps


One of the most important things that we do as a church is to provide children and youth with positive camping experiences. Youth camps create settings where teenagers can feel safe enough to ask questions, learn from each other, and explore their place in the world. A week-long youth camp provides teenagers an opportunity to see how we can relate with each other based on very different values than they might see and hear in their schools and workplaces every day.

For many of us in this church community, going to youth camps remains one of the single most formative experiences of our lives. We can (and hopefully will) share our stories of times when the memories of those camp experiences reconnected us to values that helped us make responsible and positive choices in our lives.

Youth camps include:

  • Kids Camp for children ages 8-10
  • Jr High Camp for youth ages 11-14
  • Sr High Camp for youth ages 15-18


Spectacular and International Youth Forum

Each summer, older high-school students have the opportunity to travel to the Graceland University campus (Lamoni, Iowa), for a unique week-long experience of arts, leadership, sports and worship with 1,100 youth from all over the church – Spectacular.

In some years, a special 2-day International Youth Forum is held at International Headquarters (Independence, MO), just before Spectacular.

Online Communities

In our modern world, the definition of "community" has been expanded by Internet technology that allows people in many different places to share an experience together. Online communities offer new opportunities for like-minded people to share and develop their discipleship.


Community Place+

Community Place+ pioneers innovative programs that promote building authentic relationships and cultivate deeper meaning in peoples' lives. Each Community Place program and initiative is centred on creating meaningful encounters in one's faith journey.

[[assets]/centreplace-lecture.jpg]Photo: Parker Johnson

Centre Place Toronto

The Toronto congregation (www.centreplace.ca) offers a number of publicly-available online events – lectures and seminars and a monthly "Beyond The Walls" inclusive service.