Canada East Mission

The Canada East Mission Center (CEM) is one of the largest mission centers in the church, including more than 40 congregations covering all of eastern Canada – more than 2,500 kms from Thunder Bay to Halifax.

The largest number of congregations and members are in southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), but wherever you are in the area there is a friendly and welcoming congregation near you. CEM owns and operates four campgrounds across Ontario, which provide excellent facilities for camps, retreats and other events.

The mission center office is in Guelph, ON and houses the CEM staff, the Bishop of Canada (responsible for financial, legal and real estate matters of the Canadian church), and the office for the Encounter World Religions Centre.


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Canada East Mission

355 Elmira Road North, Unit 129
Guelph, ON
N1K 1S5

Phone: 519-822-4150

Mission Centre President

Kerry Richards

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Phone: 519-822-4150 ext 28

Mission Centre Financial Officer and Bishop of Canada

Dar Shepherdson

Email: Click to email

Phone: 519-822-4150 ext 34

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Canada East Mission

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CEM Upcoming Events

Oct 22-26

MEADS Fall 2018

Kitchener Congregation

Registrar: Melissa Freer Send email to Melissa

Leadership Development Director: David Lloyd Send email to David

  • Ministry and Evangelism – John Glaser, President of Seventy
  • Public Ministry – I. David Lloyd, Director of Leadership and Development (Canada)

October MEADS week courses are just around the corner, October 22-26 at the Kitchener Congregation. In order for the instructors to book flights, we need to receive your registrations for these two courses immediately. If you are a continuing MEADS student, you may be aware that 12 courses are required to receive your certification and that missed classes only repeat every 3 years. You require the courses we are offering in October if you are considering certification. Please recall the learning experience, the dialogue and meaningful friendships you have made in class and shared meals. You do not want to miss this opportunity. To commit our instructors for the week, we need at least 12 people to register now using this registration form [DOC 42.0Kb].

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Canadian Endowment Fund

The Canadian Endowment Fund will ensure that the future church in Canada will have the funding needed to fulfill its mission.